The Headstart Caring Principles

Physical Welfare:  We ensure the welfare of each and every child by providing a secure, safe environment where children are encouraged to be healthy and active learners. We place a strong emphasis on the health and safety of all children and staff and regularly audit our systems and processes. All of our teaching staff are qualified and experienced as we believe this is best for your child. We have a registered nurse on site at all times, and we have an associated Doctor who makes regular visits to the nursery and is always on call. CCTV camera is enabled throughout the premises. 

Emotional Welfare: Each room is run by an Early Years qualified member of staff and a trained teaching assistant who will play an essential role in supporting the emotional well-being of your child from nappy changing to rest times and mealtimes. These care routines provide special times to build up secure attachments which underpin your child’s healthy emotional development. We believe in relationships: We will support children as they learn to communicate their feelings, encourage them to have a friend and be a friend and help them understand how to adapt to a group setting. Children are encouraged to eat well, to sleep and rest. We work hard to ensure they have a routine but that it is flexible and meets their needs as much as possible.


We believe in you. In order for your child to flourish at nursery it is essential that we build a strong partnership with you, the parent. We don’t just listen to the children – we want an open, two-way relationship with you too, so we can help to nurture your child in a positive and affirming way. We will make time to share information with parents, from feeding times to any significant learning events.

We will hold regular parents evenings as well as shows and social events. Parent skills are welcome and there will be plenty of opportunities for you to get involved in nursery life if you are able to do so.

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